Being a firangi he doesn't understand BW culture! His biggest mistake to equate it to HW! BW fans regard their idols as being equivalent to God (no matter what the reality is). You try to portray those idols as being fallible then of course you need to be ready to get your butt whipped! If you want to be an entertainment journo in a country you definitely need to be more sensitive to the sentiments of the fans who actually are the ppl who make these stars what they are! He is writing about Sasha but has no clue who #Shanatics are?! Nice research Mr Journo! By writing this article this guy is just now trying to seek attention (and by his own admission loving it since he doesn't get much)! He is lucky it's just fans of a BW star he has to deal with! God forbid if he ever wrote such a condescending article as the one on SK on religious issue!! The consequence of it won't be just a thrashing on social media! @PrincessSparks3 2014-09-12
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